Course Withdrawal Guide

What does it mean to withdraw from a course?

Withdrawing from a course is dropping a class after the add/drop deadline (after the first 10 days of the semester). The deadline to withdraw from a course typically falls within the 11th week of the semester. You will receive a W on your transcript, no credit will be given for the class, your grade will not impact your GPA, and you do not have to attend the class for the rest of the semester.

Will withdrawing from a course make me a part-time student?

If you were registered for 12 or more credits prior to the 10th day of the semester, then you would still be considered full-time.

Will withdrawing impact my financial aid?

You must earn at least 67% of ALL attempted credits to avoid loss of financial aid. Scholarships and grants are a case-by-case basis, so when in doubt, contact Financial Aid.

What should I consider before withdrawing from a course?

  • Your Grade
    • Is it realistic to still get the grade that you want? You may want to talk to your professor or TA first. If you are looking for academic support, please visit the ACES Academic Resources & Support page.
  • Time & Energy
    • Is this course impacting your ability to do well in your other courses?
  • Program Requirements
    • Is this course a pre-requisite for a program you are looking to apply into? Could this impact your application or graduation timeline?
  • International Student or Student-Athlete
    • You would want to consult with your ISSS or SASP advisor prior to moving forward with withdrawing from a course to stay in line with your eligibility requirements.
  • Scholastic Requirements
    • Will your grade in this course put you in danger of being on scholastic probation? You need to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA to stay in good academic standing. Dependent on which program you are looking to pursue, this may differ.

How do I withdraw from a course?

Withdrawing from a course requires your advisor's approval, so be sure to have a conversation with your advisor first to ensure this is the most appropriate option for your situation. You will then need to fill out the Student Enrollment Request Form for each course you wish to withdraw from.

What if I decide to withdraw from all of my courses?

Withdrawal from all courses currently in progress is a different process handled by the Dean of Students Office. It is required to have a conversation with a member of that office to pursue this option.

How is withdrawing different from the pass/fail option?

Withdrawing from a course essentially drops you from the class, which means you are no longer responsible for the class at the point you withdraw from it. Putting a course on pass/fail requires you to remain in the class until the end of the semester. Visit the UConn Pass/Fail Policy FAQ to learn more about this option.