UNIV 1800 Presentation Request

This is an interactive presentation that focuses on the importance of academic advising across the UConn community. The following topics will be covered during this presentation:

The Importance of Academic Advising:
Academic Advising plays an considerable role in the overall college experience. We explain the importance of advising and how it impacts student success.

What is an Academic Advisor?
Many students have an unclear understanding of the role of an academic advisor. We use this time to gather students' perceptions of what an advisor does and then provide them with a true depiction of an advisor's responsibilities.

The Advisor-Advisee Relationship:
An advisor-student relationship is just that...a relationship. We discuss the most important factors in a healthy partnership between a student and their advisor.

Solid communication between a student and their advisor is of the highest importance. We identify examples of distorted information that is assumed and distributed due to lack of communication.


The presentation will last approximately 50 minutes and will include question/answer time throughout.

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